River - SectionStatus
Atna (Dørålen)Too high
Austbygdåi (Lower)Too high
BreidaToo high
Bøvra (Lower)Too high
Driva (Gråura)Too high
Driva (Kongsvoll)Too high
EiterågaToo high
FinnaToo high
Fiplingdalselva (Store)Too high
FryaToo high
GløtaToo high
GrønaToo high
Gudbrandsdalslågen (Rosten)Too high
HorndølaToo high
JordalToo high
Jori (Upper)Too high
Myrkdal (Lower)Too high
Myrkdal (Upper)Too high
Numedalslågen (Dagali)Too high
Otta (Family run)Too high
Otta (Pollfoss)Too high
Otta (Stuttgongen)Too high
Randselva (Play spot)Too high
Rauma (Lower)Too high
Rauma (Upper)Too high
Raundal (Lower (Meringi-Tundal))Too high
Raundal (Lower (Skiple-Bø-Meringi))Too high
Raundal (Upper (Mjølfjell))Too high
Raundal (Upper (Reimegrend))Too high
RømoåaToo high
Sjoa (Bru-Bru)Too high
Sjoa (Play-run)Too high
Sjoa (Ridderspranget)Too high
Sjoa (Steinholet)Too high
Sjoa (Åmot)Too high
Sjoa (Åsengjuvet)Too high
SkarmodalselvaToo high
SkjervaToo high
SmeddalselviToo high
SogndalselvaToo high
SpekaToo high
StavasselvaToo high
Strandelvi (Lower)Too high
Strandelvi (Upper)Too high
SusnaToo high
ToraToo high
Tromsa (Lower)Too high
Tromsa (Upper)Too high
Trysilelva (Lower)Too high
Trysilelva (Upper)Too high
Ulvåa (Lower)Too high
Ulvåa (Upper)Too high
Valldøla (Upper)Too high
Jori (Lower)High
Atna (Lower)Good
Austbygdåi (Middle)Good
Begna (Øvre)Good
Bua (Canyon)Good
Driva (Oppdal)Good
Etna (Lower)Good
Etna (Middle)Good
Etna (Upper)Good
Imsa (Lower)Good
Imsa (Upper)Good
Lora (Gorge section)Good
Numedalslågen (Grettefoss play spot)Good
Valldøla (Lower)Good
Valldøla (Middle)Good
Austbygdåi (Upper)Low
Akerselva (Play spot)Too low
BøvaToo low
DørjaToo low
EggedølaToo low
EnaToo low
HakadalselvaToo low
HaukaToo low
HjuksaToo low
HølerajuvetToo low
IlaToo low
JondalselvaToo low
KopperbergselvaToo low
LeiraToo low
Lora (Upper)Too low
LysakerelvaToo low
RotvollaToo low
SkirvaToo low
SkogsåaToo low
SognaToo low
SoknaToo low
Stavilla (Lower)Too low
Stavilla (Upper)Too low
SynnaToo low
VigdaToo low
ÅsliToo low
ÅstaToo low
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This gauge does not give an accurate reading of the river. It may be placed in another river or before or after the confluence with other rivers. Therefore, the flow displayed is only indicative of the actual flow.